Alaska, Zimbabwe

Donivert and Josephine Khata

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.  By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”  John 13:34-35

One of the longest-standing relationships Skillman has been blessed with over the years is with Donivert and Josephine Khata.  They work together to tirelessly preach, teach, and care for their community in Zimbabwe, as well as organize and help with area wide lectureships and gatherings. Donivert preaches and teaches, as well as travels to serve surrounding communities as well as his home church in Alaska, Zimbabwe.  He uses curriculum from World Bible School in his many lessons.  Josephine works with the women in the church and teaches ladies’ classes multiple times each week.  Donivert and Josephine both help organize seminars and lectureships which include marriage seminars, leadership training, and youth conventions. 

The Khata’s are very generous with their time and money to help their church family and other community members to survive the increasingly difficult conditions in their country.  Zimbabwe has experienced much political unrest and corruption that has led to an economic collapse.  The unemployment rate by some estimates is as high as 90%.  In spite of the dire situations in Zimbabwe, through generous contributions from Skillman, Donivert and the Alaska church have developed a chicken farm, worked by the church members, to give them a means of financial support for their families.  Also, funds were provided to repair a community water well near the church.  This community well provides safe drinking water for the Alaska community, a luxury for too few of the people of Zimbabwe.

The water testing, repairing the community clean water well, and establishing the chicken coups are all made possible by missions month contributions.  The water testing provided an opportunity for outreach and to visit community members that don’t attend church.  Repairing the water well gave the community a sense of well being and showed them love from their church family here at Skillman.  The chicken coups are helping church members provide for themselves in a harsh economy.  Above all, the support provides an opportunity for God’s messengers in Zimbabwe to be exemplars of Christian love to the many in Zimbabwe who have yet to experience that redeeming love.

As recent events in Zimbabwe have highlighted, the Khatas should always be in our hearts and our prayers for the foreseeable future as their homeland continues to struggle through political corruption and instability, as well as worsening poverty and increasing costs of living. 

For this missions month, we are seeking support for the Khatas and their village in the form of solar panels to provide a reliable source of electricity to a village that lacks reliable from the Zimbabwean government.  Likewise, the Khatas are seeking support to provide meals to children who attend Bible studies in their village.  The total amount sought is $1240.00.  A little over a thousand dollars will go a long way to provide stability and sustenance in these very difficult times.  We know the generosity of Skillman will help see the Khatas through this political turmoil.