International Missions

Skillman believes that missions is what the church is all about. Because of that, we have the opportunity to support works all over the world, and are thrilled to be able to help serve our global neighbors financially, spiritually, and through other mission efforts.

Rwanda (KICS)

Kigali International Christian School

Kigali International Christian School (KICS) began as a school for children of missionary families and has grown to include children of military families overseas, ex-pats, and local kids from the community in Kigali, Rwanda. KICS has been accredited with standards from the United States so that the children who attend school there and who may return to the States to
further their education in colleges and universities are well prepared. Chuck and Emily Stevens serve multiple roles within the school, including teaching and administrative tasks. Recently, in addition to these jobs, the Stevens have been working to help expand the school as they have reached capacity for the number of students who can attend. They have secured more land to add to their campus and are currently in the process of raising funds to complete building projects so that they can include more students, helping them to grow in their knowledge while also teaching them about Scripture and Christian living. For more information about this year’s mission efforts in Kigali, click here.

Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Sergyi & Sveta Budagovskiy

Sergyi and Sveta Budagovskiy, Skillman’s native-born missionaries in the Ukraine, have long embodied a bright light for the people of a country which to many may represent a dark, cold and forgotten part of Europe.  The people of the Ukraine desperately need to feel Christ’s. Through Sergyi and Sveta, Skillman is able to show Christ’s love to a vulnerable population. Their restless enthusiasm to spread the Gospel in the Ukraine is critical in a country which has fallen upon dark times. Skillman has met the growing demand Sergyi daily faces to nurture the spiritual and physical needs of the growing congregation in Zaporozhye. For more information about this year’s efforts, please click here.

Alaska, Zimbabwe

Donivert & Josephine Khata

Our Missionaries in Alaska, Zimbabwe are Donivert & Josephine Khata.  They tirelessly work together to preach, teach, and care for their community and surrounding area.  In addition to preaching at the church in Alaska, Donivert travels throughout the week to serve surrounding communities. Josephine works with the women in the church and teaches ladies’ classes multiple times each week. During 2017, Skillman enabled Donivert and the Alaska church to develop a chicken farm – worked by the church members –   and provided funds to repair the community water well in Alaska.  During his trip in May 2018, Dallas May partnered with the local environmental authorities to conduct a groundwater and well survey, which included water tests. Click here for more information about what is going on this year in Zimbabwe.


Chipata, Zambia

Barry & Diniwe Phiri

Barry and Diniwe Phiri are our Missionary partners in Chipata, Zambia. We began supporting Barry in January of 2010. Barry and his wife, Diniwe, work side by side covering a large portion of Zambia and the country of Malwai. Barry is in his late 60’s but has the energy of a much younger man. They preach and teach in the cities of Chipata and Lusaka as well as covering areas in the bush that can entail hours-long drives on dirt roads to reach congregations that they serve. One of Barry’s efforts that we have enjoyed participating in for the last few years is the gardening for villages in the bush and the prisons in Lusaka, capital of Zambia. For more information about updates in Zambia, click here.

Jeke Village, Zambia

Ephraim Phiri

The year 2018 started on a low note for the people of Jeke Village, Zambia. A drought was stretching across that area of the country, followed by an outbreak of deadly cholera. The small band of Christians not only cancelled worship services during January but were forced to close the school that meets in the church building throughout the week.  Through all this, church membership has increased to 37 with the Sunday attendance hovering around the mid 20’s. The preschool ministry is growing and thriving with 70 children enrolled. Two volunteer villagers do the teaching under Ephraim’s guidance and direction. If you would like more information about how to get involved in helping Ephraim, click here.

Rising Star Ministries

Matt & Brecka Arnett

Rising Star uses soccer to help Ugandan youth in three critical areas: academics, physical fitness and spirituality,  By teaching these kids soccer, they keep them in a safe environment, out of trouble, and focused on academics. Through this program they have been able to introduce MANY of these youth and their families to Jesus through the coaches and leaders at Rising Star. In 2018, RSM was able to visit both Dubai and various cities in the U.S., where kids were given the chance to play in international tournaments, including a stop here in Dallas!

A Letter from the Mission Committee

Please click here to read a letter from Gordon Green, chairman of the Mission Committee.