Life Groups

At Skillman, Life Groups serve as the space where this type of life-transformation happens. They offer an opportunity for our church to build solid and lasting relationships as we together strive to be more like Jesus in tangible ways. We pray together, serve together, and live life together. These groups are small by design so that we might experience our life in community with openness, honesty, transparency, and a sense of true accountability.

At Skillman, our desire is to create space and opportunities for healthy Christian community within and outside the walls of our church building. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to be a part of a Life Group.  Each group looks different.  Life Groups meet at various times and days and in a variety of locations. Some Life Groups have a deep, engaging Bible study, other groups meet over a meal, there are groups that are brought together over a common interest (like Creative Writing Life Group), and some groups have LOTS of small kids and just gathering together is a success.

If you are looking for deeper Christian community and would like information on joining a Life Group, or if you would like to know how to start a Life Group, please contact John Mark Davidson at: