Chipata, Zambia

Barry and Diniwe Phiri

Eastern Zambia has 3,000 Christians but only two trained ministers—Barry and his son Ephraim.  Barry and his wife Diniwe travel not only throughout Zambia but into the neighboring country of Malawi to encourage village congregations and train volunteer rural preachers.  They are asking the Skillman congregation to help with this project.  Almost none of these Christians have a personal Bible or song book in their native language.  Barry would like to remedy this situation.  He would also like to buy materials to train the volunteer rural preachers and help them to be more productive. He uses the New Life Behavior lessons and teaches others how to utilize this material.


Another ongoing project that Skillman has assisted with for the past several years is the gardening for villages in the bush and a special garden at the prisons in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia.  In that country it often becomes necessary for children to accompany parents to prison.  Barry has been allowed to start a vegetable garden at the prison to provide food for the inmates, especially the children. He has expanded this project to plant gardens in several rural villages, providing healthy vegetables for the residents.  Skillman provides money for seeds and fertilizer.

In July, Barry’s oldest son Jeremiah died suddenly with no warning.  This was a sad time for his family.  Skillman was able to help with the medical expenses.

2020 Goals

Distribute 600 Bible

Purchase training materials for rural preachers

Purchase fertilizer and seed for gardens