Friend Speak

Dallas, Texas

On May 4, 2018, we placed two signs on our front lawn and invited people to come to Skillman to improve their English.  We had our first call on May 16.  We now have 40 Skillman Members who are committed to the Ministry to act as teachers.  We have 12 students and are growing at a rate of one to two new students each week.  

The intent of the program is to make friends with people in our community and help them improve their English conversational skills.  In each meeting, we take the opportunity to have them read a few verses from the Bible.  We pray that this will spur interest in knowing more about the Scriptures and Christianity and accepting Christ as their Savior if they do not know Him. 

People are coming to improve their English so that they can advance at work and to improve relationships at home through better communication.  Some of our students have only been in the states for a short time and will be returning to their home countries soon.  And some have lived in the states for 20 years or more. 

Our Members who are participating in the program are excited about this opportunity.  Their lives are being enriched by the new friendships.  Each week the building resonates with chatter and laughter as the new friends share life experiences, family news, recipes, and favorite past time activities.  They are having fun!!  The following are a few comments from our Members who are volunteering: “My student is so encouraging. This program is encouraging to me!!!”  “My student is encouraging as well.  Last Wednesday she asked me if her husband could come this week.”

Our students are beginning to bring their family and friends into the program.  Some of them are also attending worship with us on Sundays.  One evening at the end of the session a man who had come for the first time shook my hand and said, “I like it!”  Another evening a woman hugged me tight and said, “I feel so comfortable here!”

We are praying to raise $2,000 in October to buy tables and chairs for the meeting sessions, books for teaching, Easy to Read Bibles, printing for flyers, and funds for refreshments and food for a couple of social functions so that our new friends can meet our Skillman family.

Take one of our post card flyers from the Welcome Desk and invite people to join us!