Jeke Village, Zambia

Ephraim Phiri

This year (2019) Ephraim has expanded his horizon to include a wider range of work.  Since he and his father Barry are the only trained missionaries in their area, he now travels farther than Jeke Village to help local volunteers who preach and teach in villages throughout Zambia and Malawi.  He will share efforts with his father in the distribution of bibles and teaching materials to the bush.

However, he still feels a strong tie with Jeke Village, especially the preschool located in the same building that is used for church services.  Last year Skillman raised money to supply uniforms for the children in the school, and when classes resumed in May the 40 students arrived all wearing big smiles and their new uniforms. Due to the success of this program, it has been proposed that the school be expanded to include primary grades for children not selected to attend government schools.  Ephraim’s suggestion is to add a grade a year through the 7th grade.  This would entail space for classes, books, materials, etc.  Ephraim says, “My dream is to make Jeke Village a mission center in order to apply to the government for qualified teachers.  We would register the school as a mission primary school.”

Unfortunately, the badly-needed well for the village was not dug because spring rains prevented the necessary equipment from being transported.  The money for this project is being held for use later when road conditions improve. 

In August Skillman member Ken Teague made a trip to Zambia to visit Ephraim.  He was able to participate in two short evangelistic efforts organized by Ephraim, one in Jeke Village and another in the village of Pitauke. These activities include an invitation to the community to a fellowship with a meal followed by a gospel message.  (No report was available at publication deadline.)

2020 Goal:

Purchase new laptop computer and digital camera