Town Hall Meeting Record

On April 27, our church held a Town Hall Meeting to provide an opportunity for the church to hear the latest information about the potential of joining with The Hills Church and to be able to hear from one another concerning this decision. We are grateful to all those who joined us that night, who watched the recording, who submitted questions in advance, who requested to speak, and for those who submitted a statement for the congregation to consider.

If you have not had a chance to see the Town Hall Meeting or to view the materials presented there, you can view each of those items by clicking the corresponding button below.

Below are included a number of letters and statements to the church from some of our members containing their thoughts about this potential opportunity that were sent to be included as part of our consideration during the Town Hall Meeting. We encourage you to take the time to read these statements, seeking to help our church discern what God is calling us to as a church body. (To read each statement please click on each person’s name.)
Additional statements that have been received since the Town Hall Meeting can also be viewed here. (To read each statement please click on each person’s name.)

Finally, we also have received videos from several of our members expressing their desire to consider this opportunity with The Hills that we would like to share and encourage everyone to view.