Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Sergyi and Sveta Budagovskiy

“For this is what the Lord has commanded us: ‘I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.’” (Acts 14:37).  Sergey and Sveta Budagovskiy, Skillman’s missionaries in the Ukraine, has long embodied that light for the people of a country which may seem like the ends of the earth to many at Skillman. Working for the Lord and His church is difficult in all places, and working in His service is even more difficult in a country like Ukraine where atheism was taught for generations.

Sergyi and Sveta tirelessly shepherd to their congregation in Zaphorozhye, Ukraine, and daily serve to teach and give comfort and aid to the people of that city.  Forced to move from their home in Makeevka when the Russians invaded and threatened their former home congregation, they moved to the other side of their country to continue their lives of ministry in the Church of Christ, spreading the gospel and love of Jesus Christ.  Their current congregation, much like Sergyi and Sveta, consists of refugees who fled the hostile eastern regions of the country for saferty in Zaphorozhye.  It is through Skillman’s support of Sergey in recent years that Sergey is able to provide this safe space for those displaced and in need of Christ’s love in Zaporozhye.

The current situation in the Ukraine remains unstable as the Russian and separatist forces in control of the region of the country in which Sergyi and Sveta used to reside are now threatening to commandeer the properties of numerous Ukrainians who fled and left behind their property during the fighting.  Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a solution on the horizon to the conflict in the region.  On top of this, the Ukraine is still grappling with the coronavirus and is a long way from achieving a sufficient level of vaccination within the country.  Currently, barely more than 3% of the nation has been fully vaccinated.  Though daily cases have decreased considerably in recent weeks, the Ukraine has a long road ahead to combat the coronavirus. 

Inflation in that country has increased 4-5 times for daily essentials such as food, clothing, utilities  gasoline and kindergarten expenses for Sergyi and Sveta’s precious daughter, Mira.  Sergei has not asked for an increase in pay since 2016.  Now, however, there is a need for an increase of $300 a month.  He knows that the rent for the apartment his congregation uses for Sunday services will increase by $50 per month in December, adding to the mounting financial obligations of our missionaries and the congregation.  While Skillman provides Sergyi and Sveta a salary for their living expenses, this money is also used to provide for the congregation, as Sergyi often receives requests for assistance for medicine, food, clothing and transportation.

We ask that you please keep this dear church and Sergyi, Sveta, and Mira Budagovskii in your prayers and budget planning so that our Skillman family can positively care to these dedicated people in Ukraine, where there is so much need for the Lord, and where Sergei and Sveta are so committed to the spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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