Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Sergyi and Sveta Budagovskiy

Over the past four years, Sergyi and Sveta, with daughter Miraslava, worked diligently building up a vibrant, loving, growing church community in Zapirizhia, Ukraine.  They continue this endeavor by growing the community spiritually.  Sergyi prepares and shares several Bible lessons throughout the week as well as Sundays.  Sveta helps with the children’s lessons.  Sergyi prays for and encourages others to take on leadership roles.  He works with individuals that are struggling with issues.  When needed, he encourages his flock to live according to God’s plans and ideals.   They often participate in outreach by setting up a table on the sidewalk with christian literature, sharing the gospel message with passers-by. 

Efforts for spiritual growth extend to the future by grooming others to lead.  Sergyi provides opportunities for others to preach or teach and encourages some to attend preaching school.  Sergyi plans for one particular young man, Vlad, to attend school then return as a youth minister.  For many months now, he has been praying and encouraging Vlad to attend Ukrainian Bible Institute.  Vlad is enthusiastic and has a thirst for God, but he is also his grandmother’s main caretaker.  In Sergyi’s own words, “if need be, she will be my own family so that Vlad has a future life.”  Sergyi volunteered to take care of Vlad’s grandmother,  like she was Sergyi’s own family.  With this resolved, Sergyi will take Vlad to UBI in August to begin his studies.  

Sergyi and Sveta spend much of their time caring for those in their community.  Throughout the week, Sergyi stays busy doing what he can for those that need help.  Sometimes it is bathing bedbound people, or taking widows to appointments or someone to the courthouse.   Sometimes he acts as handyman, fixing an electrical pole for a widow or fixing neighbor’s plumbing.  Sergyi and Sveta act as nurse, maid, chauffeur, teacher, and counselor.  They give their all to the church community.  During the week after a Bible study, the church facilities are available to those that need to do laundry or clean up.  Sergyi and Sveta also spend Saturdays cleaning the church facilities and preparing for Sunday. 

On Sundays, the congregation spends much of the day together, learning and fellowshipping.  Many are transported in a hired bus from a refugee community, including many kids.  At the church gathering, lessons are taught, with the children separating for their own lessons, then they all come together for worship.  Sergyi asks them what good things they did that week.  They share prayer requests and good things that happened to them.  The ladies prepare a small modest meal to share together.  They spend time sharing their lives, talking, presenting poems and songs, celebrating birthdays and other events.  The children play together and are doted on by the adults.  Mid afternoon, the hired bus takes many of them back to their homes.

God continues His work through Sergyi and Sveta to build his kingdom.  They are truly God’s hands and feet in their community.  Sergyi and Sveta continually thank Skillman and praise God for the ways we support them.  The rented apartment used for the  church in Zapirizhia and the hired bus that brings many of them to church service is made possible by donations during Missions Sunday.  With these donations, we can budget for the upcoming year to make sure all our responsibilities are financially covered.  Sergyi, Sveta, and Mira, as well as their congregation, are a part of our church family.  Thank you so much for helping our church family in Zapirizhia to continue to have a meeting place and transportation.

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