Blessed By

This week, we begin a new sermon series on the Sermon on the Mount. This Sermon is known as Jesus’ most famous teaching, but he begins this sermon by telling his disciples, those who are serious about following him, that they are blessed by God even in their worst moments. May we as the church … Read more

Bible Class – Deacons

Craig Gray shares insight from the New Testament passages about deacons. This conversation is not simply one that leads to spiritual information, or to a spiritually formative experience; instead, we are transformed as we come to understand God’s will for the church and for the people of God.


This past week, Mike Young read the passages from the New Testament concerning deacons and how they were selected and to what end. As Mike teaches, we learn that the deacons of the New Testament served their congregations with love and out of the wisdom and maturity of their faith.


This week, Mike Young, one of our elders at Skillman Church of Christ, discusses the role of servanthood in the church. Each and every member of God’s family is called to be a servant of those in the body (as well as to those outside of the body). This week, Mike shares with the congregation … Read more

Be Strong and Fearless

Every year, as the calendar turns from one year to the next, we have the opportunity to be reminded and to take action. We are reminded that we are still growing towards God and that we can move ourselves toward God. And we can take action as we seek to follow God’s will for our … Read more