What If?

What If Hope Stops Working? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Do you ever wonder when Hope stops being enough? I am naturally pessimistic at heart. But at the same time, I have a tremendous Hope in the story of Jesus. It is both a personal Hope as well as a communal Hope–even (and … Read more

A New Hope

Hoping Anew First things first, this is not a blog about Star Wars. If you are looking for a blog about Star Wars, this one would be about 40 years too late. This is a blog about Hope. Over the course of the summer months at Skillman, we try to focus our teachings on topics … Read more

The Hope of Care

The Hope of Care There is a moment in the Gospels that I have always been amazed about (really, there is more than just one, but this post is just about the one). It amazes me because it shows utter selfless care and love. It comes in the midst of the crucifixion, when Jesus is … Read more

The Danger of Joy

The Danger of Joy Danger. This word and especially the feeling associated with the word bring fear and anxiety to us.  Joy. This word and especially the feeling associated with the word bring happiness and hope to us. So, what could these words have to do with each other? Is Joy dangerous? Or is there … Read more

Hope and Joy

Hope and Joy This past Sunday, John Mark began a new sermon series exploring the topic of Joy from the book of Philippians. Now, some may ask, “Why the topic of Joy when we are supposed to be thinking about Hope according to our yearly rhythms and seasons?” The simplest reason is provided by Paul … Read more