The Mission of God

At the end of Jesus’ ministry and time on earth, he invites and commissions his followers to share in the mission of God. He instructs them to spread the good news of what God is doing in the world—of hope, love, forgiveness, and restoration. He commands the disciples to go and make more disciples through … Read more

Follow the Leader

As the people of God, we are tasked with many different things. From advocating for truth and justice in the world to seeking to love our neighbors to raising children faithfully and with love. Among all of that, one of the core directives for Christians is to follow Jesus. To become disciples. One way we … Read more

Tone Deaf

As a family, one of the primary things that we seek to do with our lives is to worship God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit. We remind ourselves every week when we gather that it is God who is worthy of our worship and praises. That praise helps to remind us … Read more