Let Justice Roll Down

God Speaks; Will We Listen? In the book of Amos, God speaks out against the crimes of all people. Amos proclaims the words that God has delivered to him, and he prophesies against the injustices of Damascus, Gaza, Ashdod, Tyre, Edom, Ammon, Moab, Judah, and finally Israel. As we read through that list, we may … Read more

The Valley of Dry Bones

Let’s Talk About Ezekiel I’m going to be honest. I have always found Ezekiel to be incredibly strange. Perhaps for that reason, I tend to only read the parts of Ezekiel that I am familiar with. The parts that make sense to me. The ones that move me in some way (for example, Ezekiel and … Read more

A Word to the Outsiders

Obadiah’s Message to Edom Ok, time for a quick geography and history lesson. I promise it will be quick! Edom was Israel and Judah’s neighbor to the southeast. They occupied a land mass that was roughly equivalent to the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, and they, like so many of Israel’s neighbors, had a complicated … Read more

Hope from Tragedy

Jerusalem in Distress Jeremiah prophesied during the reigns of Judah’s kings Josiah, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, and Zedekiah, and he witnessed the people of Judah under the rule of the Assyrian empire, the Babylonian empire, with both threats and help from the Egyptian empire, and a few brief moments of Judah’s independence interspersed during some of these … Read more