Casting Out Fear

Psalm 46 This week, we take an opportunity to listen to the words of the Psalmist. I encourage you to reread this Psalm aloud, slowly reciting the words and concentrating on the heart of the message.  When you read this Psalm, you cannot help but to be overwhelmed by the confidence in God displayed in … Read more


The Story of Job The story of Job has fascinated students of the Bible for a very long time. In fact, many people think that the book of Job may have been one of the very first books from the Old Testament actually written down and not just told as an oral story. But regardless … Read more

Where Hope Begins

The Starting Point of Hope As a church, our summer months are focused upon the virtue of Hope. In our conversations, in our teachings, and in our actions, we want to embody Christian Hope to the world. Sounds easy enough, right?  But hope is rarely so simple. It requires that we become invested and involved. … Read more

Resources for Study on Leadership/Eldership

In recent months, our church has undertaken together to study the topic of eldership and leadership within the church. There are many challenges facing the church as we continue to return back to in-person gatherings and community life that we must prepare for. We desire to be a church that asks the Lord for guidance … Read more