Galatians 4

Reading Scripture as an Allegory Allegory can be a difficult word to use or to understand when it comes to Scripture. For some, it is a word that makes our skin crawl with discomfort. For others, it opens the door to a wide range of possibilities that might frighten us, or maybe excite us about … Read more

Galatians 3

The Law as Custodian As the story of Scripture progresses in the Bible, particularly in the New Testament, we begin to see a battle of sorts play out. The battle is between the works of the Law and faith in Jesus (or perhaps the faithfulness of Jesus which brought redemption to all of humanity at … Read more

Galatians 2

Dinner Party There is an episode of the hit comedy series, The Office, where the boss, Michael Scott, invites some of his employees to his house for a dinner party. What ensues is a tragically hilarious meltdown between Michael and his girlfriend, Jan. Now, of course, The Office is fictitious and the scenes shown to the viewers … Read more

Galatians 1

Another Gospel The book of Galatians is Paul’s most ardent defense of the Gospel. In Romans, we might say Paul is laying out some of the key arguments in understanding the intellectual side of Christianity; in Corinthians Paul is writing about specific moral issues that need to be cleared up or he is defending his … Read more

Love For The Other

It’s Not Always Easy, But it is the Love of God Among Jesus’ commands and teachings, there are some truly difficult ideas. Perhaps none is more difficult than the command to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute us (Matthew 5:44). And yet, this command is also one that sets Christians apart … Read more