Treasure in Heaven

Make Sure Your Heart Is in the Right Place Jesus talked about a lot of different topics when he lived and walked this earth. The number one topic that Jesus spoke about was the Kingdom of Heaven (or God). It was the defining characteristic and topic of Jesus’ preaching. The Kingdom of God is near.  … Read more

Blessed Are You

Jesus is Lord All throughout the Gospels there is a constant question always lurking beneath the surface (or sometimes it is the main event of the stories or words being spoken). The question is, “Who is Jesus?” This question not only is at play in the Gospels, ever since Jesus has lived, someone, somewhere has … Read more

Come and See

John 1 – An Invitation This week, I am writing from a kid’s camp in East Texas where approximately 100 kids have come to have a week of fun, excitement, safety, a sense of family, and, whether they know it or not, to be shown the love of God. At camp, we certainly have as … Read more

Reflections on Mark 5

Jesus Heals Us All Today I have been reflecting on Mark 5 and the stories of Jesus healing a demoniac, a woman with a bleeding condition, and raising a young girl from the dead. Just a normal Tuesday for Jesus.  If you have not read from Mark’s Gospel in a while, take a moment to … Read more