Faith in the Chaos

The Wilderness Experience Life has rhythms. We live in seasons. Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter. At Skillman, we are heavily emphasizing the idea of “living by faith” right now. That is our season. And as we seek to live into this rhythm, we know that other rhythms will try to push their way to the front … Read more

Fasting and Feasting II

Fasting and Feasting Part Two On Saturday, we had the opportunity to participate in a fast together as a church body. Some fasted from food, others from technology or social media, still others fasted from the very idea of fasting! Whatever we fasted from, whether listed above or not, the point was not necessarily to … Read more

Fasting and Feasting

Fasting to Grow Closer to God Fasting is not a popular practice. In fact, it is a mostly forgotten practice, or one that is antiquated and out of date. It’s not the kind of thing that people usually look forward to in eager anticipation. But fasting has been a part of the Christian story since … Read more

The Faithfulness of Jesus Christ

Faithfulness Faith. In Greek, pistis. It’s a word that we dwelt upon in our family time together yesterday as a church. It’s a word that for hundreds and thousands of years has been something that we, as Christians, have relied upon and has been vital in our understanding of how we relate to God.  But … Read more