Jesus And #8

Jesus and the Temple Jesus can sometimes be alarming.  Have you ever noticed that? Every once in a while, as Jesus gets to talking and teaching, he says something that sounds very intense but also very purposeful. He doesn’t tend to judge the kind of people that we think he should judge this way, but … Read more

Jesus And #7

Jesus and Two Copper Coins As we have already mentioned during the course of this blog series, Jesus has a lot to say about money. Not because Jesus needs your money, but because money is one of those things that can be extremely alluring and deceptive. It can sneak into our hearts and develop a … Read more

Jesus And #6

Jesus And Resurrection There is a terrifically challenging story in the Gospel of Mark, right on the heels of the story that discussed last week about paying taxes. Jesus is approached by a group of Sadduccees and given a case study meant to trap him or trick him. Take a moment and read that story … Read more