Lent #5

Light and Dark I hope it is not a secret that I love books and stories. In school, I was never very good at math or sciences, but usually excelled in history and literature. It’s a major reason why I chose to study Scripture at ACU (Abilene Christian University), and also why I rather enjoy … Read more

Lent #4

The Way Forward is Through This week, I have been thinking about the downward journey. The downward journey is a description of what Jesus did in participating in human life by becoming a man and living according to the same rules as the creation (well, kind of at least–I can’t remember the last time I … Read more

Lent #3

Jesus Is Lord The early Christians knew something. Something they passed on to new believers during their lives, and then those Christians passed on to new believers, and on and on it went. And what they knew had power. It had strength. It was a conviction which drove their actions and gave them the endurance … Read more

Lent #2

Peace I have always been fascinated by peace. Fascinated by the concept and fascinated by how Jesus calls his followers to a radical life of peace. In the beatitudes, Jesus encourages his followers saying, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God” (Matthew 5:9). For some reason, that has always been … Read more

Lent #1

Giving This last week, Christians all over the world began to prepare for Easter. On the Christian calendar, this is a season known as Lent, and it is a season in which we prepare for the resurrection by trying to understand the cross. By trying to understand our mortality. Mortality that is born from our … Read more