Love and Body Language

Jesus Looked and Loved To start with, I thought about titling this blog, “Body Love,” and then decided that meant something different than what I wanted it to mean. So, #1: You’re welcome for not titling it that. And, #2: Sorry that I couldn’t resist telling you anyway. But to get on track with our … Read more

Which is Love?

Jesus Heals A Paralyzed Man Have you ever wondered about how Christians (or even just religious people in general) ought to prioritize their actions? What I mean is, have you ever wondered which action should come first–defense of the faith or caring for someone? Truth or love? They don’t always go hand in hand, which … Read more

Love Doodling

Writing in the Dirt When you were in school did you ever get in trouble for drawing idly in your notes rather than paying close attention? Every once in a while, your mind wanders and you simply begin writing or sketching something that has nothing to do with the material your teacher is discussing, and … Read more

Being Known by Love

In Our Father’s House In Luke 2:41-52, we read one of the only stories recorded of Jesus as a child. This story is unique, though, in that it does not tell of the birth of Jesus, but tells of Jesus as an adolescent. Take a moment, and read the story (click here for the text). … Read more