Living By Faith

How can I live faithfully to God every day? If I am being honest, sometimes I forget to think about God. I know I shouldn’t say that. I work for a church, preach sermons, lead Bible classes, and am a deeply committed follower of Jesus. But, sometimes, I forget to think about God.  If you … Read more

Connection Class Updates (January 19)

Spiritual Practices This week, the Spiritual Practices class discussed and practiced Silence and Meditation. To practice this discipline, we can imagine three stages of practice: learning to be quiet, meditation on God’s Word, and listening for God’s voice. In order to practice Silence, we must learn to shut out distractions whether from the world around … Read more

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The Moral Arc of the Universe Today, we remember Martin Luther King, Jr. and the way that he was able to inspire a nation to uphold the value of equality as the constitution of our country promises. We remember his life and the way he was able to weave together the message of the Gospel … Read more

Connection Class Update (January 12)

Spiritual Practices:  Spiritual practices have helped Christians throughout the centuries to draw near to God, to become more aware of God’s presence, and to focus in our daily life on connecting with God, even in mundane, simple, and everyday tasks. Prayer is one way, one practice, that connects us with God. We pray because Jesus … Read more

Vision 2020 Reflections

Weekly Bible Reflections Last week (January 5), John Mark preached about why we live the way we do–why do we follow this Jesus, why do we claim to be Christians, and why does it matter? The reason is because of what Jesus has done for us. As we read in this passage from 2 Corinthians, … Read more