Legacy of Love

Jesus’ Love There is a theme in the Gospels that I think about often. It seems to happen over and over again that the people who Jesus spends time with walk away with an experience that falls into one of two categories. Either they leave Jesus happy, healed, and whole, or they leave him wanting … Read more

A Yearning for God

The Psalmists’ Search Throughout the Psalms, we read beautiful poetry that uncovers truth about God and about our relationship to God. Some of these Psalms are written from places of gratitude and thankfulness. Others are written with the hope of God’s promises being fulfilled. And still yet more are written from places of hurt, crying … Read more

Remain in Jesus’ Love

John 15:9-17 In John 15, Jesus shares the above statement with his disciples. It is both encouraging, and perplexing to me. Encouraging because we hear of the love that Jesus has for us and because Jesus gives instructions on how to display the love we have received for others (through following the commands of God). … Read more

Love is a Life-or-Death Kind of Thing

Ananias and Sapphira In the book of Acts, we encounter a very strange and frightening story at the beginning of chapter 5. Two followers, named Ananias and Sapphira, sell a plot of land in order to turn the proceeds over to the apostles to bolster the early faith community. It is a generous action, at … Read more