Why Reset? If you have been following along with our church, over the past several weeks, we have been participating in challenges that are meant to help us focus on our spiritual and physical health. Every day this month, we have had a group of folks commit to reading through the Gospel of Matthew, one … Read more


Why Movement? This month, we are continuing our challenges in which we are asking our members to read Scripture, prayer, spend 20 minutes moving our bodies, and/or cleansing and resetting our dietary habits. Our children’s ministry is also getting in on the fun by participating in a sign language challenge in which they are learning … Read more


Why Pray? Prayer is such an interesting topic in our world today. You don’t necessarily have to believe in any god to pray–it can simply serve as a means of offering up good thoughts and hopes to the wider universe. We see this on the heels of any tragedy, that people begin to comment that … Read more

Reading Scripture

Why Read Scripture? This month, our church family is working together to encourage and challenge each other in our daily faith. We have chosen four challenges (plus the kid’s sign language challenge!) to work on together this month. Over the course of the next several weeks, we will be sharing in a conversation about how … Read more