Jesus And #3

Jesus And The Law During the course of Jesus’ ministry, he is consistently criticized for not following the Law or the rules of the people of Israel. It shows up time and time again. The Pharisees and other teachers of the Law want to know why Jesus does what he does.  And this is a … Read more

Jesus And #2

Jesus And Spiritual Forces Have you ever noticed that Jesus is much more comfortable talking about demons than you are? (Or at least, I know that’s the case for me.) The worldview that was handed down to me leaves very little room for demons, spirits, or even angels. But that’s not Jesus’ world. And that’s … Read more

Jesus And #1

Jesus and Authority It is no secret that Jesus has a few run ins with various teachers of the Law, officials, and Roman leaders during the course of his ministry. There are contentious moments where real issues are at stake. And it seems like there is a certain kind of person who responds to Jesus, … Read more