Herald of Truth

Mission: Evangelize America As we continue our weekly updates on mission efforts during Missions Month, we in the Missions Committee wish to share with the congregation an opportunity at home to support an ambitious mission of evangelism here at home. Many in our congregation are quite familiar with Herald of Truth, a Church of Christ … Read more

Missions in Zambia

Barry and Ephraim Phiri’s Work Throughout Zambia and Surrounding Areas Arguably, Skillman’s busiest international mission fields is in Zambia with our support of Barry and Ephraim Phiri.  Barry is now 71 years old and continues to transfer more and more of his legacy efforts to Ephraim.  However, during the past couple of years, due to … Read more

Missions In Ukraine and Liberia

Mission Month October marks Mission Month at the Skillman Church of Christ. Over the next 4 weeks, we will be hearing from members of our mission committee with updates about our various long-term relationships with missionaries in Ukraine, Liberia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and various local efforts too. Additionally, we will have opportunities in Bible classes as … Read more

The Darkness of the Cross

The Cross of Jesus At the very core of the Gospel message is the events that took place leading up to and after the cross. It is the primary event of the New Testament. The 4 Gospel writers devote significant portions of their stories to the entire passion week: Matthew devotes roughly 25% of his … Read more

Wrestling with God

A Struggle in the Night In the book of Genesis, during the midst of the stories of Israel’s forefathers (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob), we encounter a story where Jacob wrestles with God. Which is a little bit of an odd thing to have happen. Imagine doing this yourself–wrestling with God. Doesn’t seem like a smart … Read more

An Aroma to the Lord

Anointing the Feet In John chapter 12 and 13, we find two stories that continue our theme where we meet Jesus as he encounters a person (or persons) in a very personal manner. In John 12, Jesus is once again with the family from John 11 (Mary, Martha, and Lazarus), and then in John 13, … Read more

The God Who Mourns

Jesus Weeps John 11 contains an important story that displays not only the power and amazing, miraculous ability of Jesus, but also insight into the very heart of the God we meet fully in Jesus. As the chapter opens, we are introduced to Lazarus, Mary, and Martha. This family has close connection to Jesus, as … Read more

Recovery of Sight

The Man Born Blind In John 9, Jesus continues to have personal encounters that we have the privilege to witness, just as we have thus far in John 3, 4, and 8–this time with a man born blind. As the chapter opens, Jesus has the opportunity to heal a man born blind and the entire … Read more

A Bonus Story

The One Without Sin Throughout the Gospel of John, there are a handful of stories of one-on-one encounters that Jesus has with various men and women. Over the past several weeks, we have been exploring some of these stories and trying to understand what Jesus wants these people to know after he meets them. In … Read more

An Eternal Spring

The Woman at the Well Jesus encountered many people during the course of his public ministry, all of whom have something important and instructive to tell us about who Jesus is and what Jesus’ ministry was all about. These encounters with various folks are especially highlighted through Gospel of John. Last week, we spent time … Read more