A Simple Faith

Simply Living by Faith Simplicity is something that has always attracted me. Maybe that’s because I either see it in Jesus’ life and ministry or because I read it into his story. Or maybe it’s because I often feel limited in what I am able to do, especially with time constraints in the modern world, … Read more

The Kingdom of God

An After-Easter Poem Another Easter come and goneThe worship was beautiful, the sermon inspiring!After this difficult past yearIt was just what we needed–and when we needed it too But as the days continue to tick away,I wonder, “What’s next?”Not because I dislike what we do or when we do itBut because I hear the words … Read more

An Illusion?

The Resurrection This past Sunday, Christians all over the world celebrated Easter Sunday–the resurrection of Jesus three days after he was crucified roughly 2,000 years ago. Think about that. The resurrection of a person from the dead. Jesus is not the only person to be reported to rise from the dead–in fact, Jesus is reported … Read more

An Invocation

Not My Will, But Yours Be Done This week, the church around the world is taking the time to focus and remember the passion week of Jesus. We slow down to remember the events of this very important week because this is the most important week in all of human history. It is the week … Read more

An Imitation

Follow Me as I Follow Christ There is a point in the first letter to the Corinthians where Paul invites the Corinthians to do as he does–to imitate him. In fact, Paul says this several times in the letter: 1 Corinthians 4:16 – “Therefore I urge you to imitate me.” 1 Corinthians 11:1 – “Follow … Read more

An Immersion

What’s to Keep Me from Being Baptized? Last month, many at our church engaged in a 28-day challenge to read through the book of Matthew, one chapter at a time. We shared comments back and forth, and were encouraged and challenged by the Gospel story. As the month drew to a close, many in the … Read more

An Image

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words You remember the old trick where someone asks you to not think about a pink elephant and then asks you what you are thinking about? Well, almost always, the answer is that you are thinking about a pink elephant.  It’s hard not to think of an image that is … Read more

An Invitation

Come and See There are times when the words of Jesus stand out as so perfectly simple that our hearts are touched and we cannot help but to be drawn toward Jesus. One of these times happens for me at the beginning of John’s Gospel. Jesus is calling some of his first disciples who ask … Read more


Why Reset? If you have been following along with our church, over the past several weeks, we have been participating in challenges that are meant to help us focus on our spiritual and physical health. Every day this month, we have had a group of folks commit to reading through the Gospel of Matthew, one … Read more


Why Movement? This month, we are continuing our challenges in which we are asking our members to read Scripture, prayer, spend 20 minutes moving our bodies, and/or cleansing and resetting our dietary habits. Our children’s ministry is also getting in on the fun by participating in a sign language challenge in which they are learning … Read more