Seek The Lord

Isaiah 55

During the month of July, we will take a few opportunities to focus on the prophet Isaiah and some of his most well-remembered and influential chapters in his book. We close out the month of July by looking at Isaiah 55.

Take a moment and read Isaiah 55 before we get started.

Of the various chapters we have examined this month, Isaiah 55 might be the least quotable chapter. And yet, I think that as we read through this chapter, we recognize some significant themes from Isaiah and the rest of the prophets too. 

Isaiah begins this chapter of oracles by declaring that we should only spend our resources on that which is truly good–perhaps this calls our attention back to Isaiah 40 where Isaiah tells us the only thing that truly lasts is the word of the Lord. And, of course, we also see the Davidic covenant play a central role in God’s relationship to his people, something Isaiah has always held strong to (see Isaiah 11 from this series too). 

And then we arrive at verses 6-11. These verses, particularly verses 6-9, are the most recognizable from this chapter. They remind us and encourage us that God is a God of mercy. They instruct us to repent and turn to God–seek him while he may be found. And they enlighten us as the the nature of God. His thoughts are not our thoughts. His ways are not our ways. God is distinctively “Other” than we are. Even so, God will bring us back to himself in peace. Thorns and briers will be remade into cypress and myrtle. 

As our very brief exploration of the book of Isaiah comes to a close, I simply want to reiterate what Isaiah says here in this chapter as instructions for us in our world and time too. 

  • Seek what is good and filling, not that which doesn’t satisfy.
  • Turn to the Lord, for he is a God of abundant mercy.
  • Join the song of all creation as it is restored and remade into goodness.

For if we do these things, we will see God’s beautiful future come to earth as it is in heaven.

For the remainder of this week, I invite you to consider how you can seek what is good and filling, how you can turn to the Lord, and what you can do to join the song of all creation. What does this mean practically in your life? Make a list, a review it everyday. Put it somewhere where you will see it and be reminded of this vision for God’s future coming now in the present.