The Kingdom of God

An After-Easter Poem

Another Easter come and gone
The worship was beautiful, the sermon inspiring!
After this difficult past year
It was just what we needed–and when we needed it too

But as the days continue to tick away,
I wonder, “What’s next?”
Not because I dislike what we do or when we do it
But because I hear the words of Jesus and I wish they were true

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me,
to proclaim good news, to set free, to bring in the kingdom of heaven.”
Or so Luke claims
But even then, sometimes, our skepticism remains

It is much easier to come and to sit
than it is to do what those first disciples were asked to commit
“Come, follow me” were the words Jesus shared
And they did! They got out of the boat, off of their seat, and stood up onto their feet

And today, in 2021, I wish we would say and do the same
I’m encouraged by the faithful, past and present
who live day after day honoring the Name
And who commit to proclaiming, setting, and bringing this Kingdom

Because, just as Jesus said, that Kingdom is here
Jesus Christ has come near
It’s now or never
May we all stand up and follow.