Herald of Truth

Mission: Evangelize America

As we continue our weekly updates on mission efforts during Missions Month, we in the Missions Committee wish to share with the congregation an opportunity at home to support an ambitious mission of evangelism here at home. Many in our congregation are quite familiar with Herald of Truth, a Church of Christ organization focused on outreach which began as a local radio program and has vastly expanded its presence to around the world, in particular in Central America. Herald of Truth is on a mission to focus more fully its evangelism efforts within the United States with an initiative called Mission: Evangelize America.

This initiative sees Herald of Truth using its unique position as a well-established evangelical organization to tap into modern technology to reach out to both churches and individuals across the US.  The purpose for this outreach is two-fold: (1) to help churches to be prepared to share the story of Jesus with their neighbors in the community; and (2) to bring individuals into contact with churches in their community.  Herald of Truth is reaching out to churches which have a passion for living out the Great Commission and which love and desire to share the story of Jesus for support in this venture.  It is the hope and objective of Mission: Evangelize America that by 2030, one million people will have shared the Gospel with someone who needs to hear it!

We in the missions committee desire to partner with Herald of Truth in this initiative.  As partners providing monetary support to Mission: Evangelize America, Skillman would receive the benefit of Herald of Truth’s outreach efforts to bring people within our community into contact with our church. For $500 a month, Skillman would have exclusive access to online resources from Herald of Truth, such as website listings for Skillman, personalized marketing and outreach strategies, training materials, and access to programs and information that enable people in Dallas to learn more about Skillman and that enable Skillman to learn more about the people who are seeking a church home.  We see this as an outstanding opportunity to bring more people to know Skillman and our congregation and to bring growth to our church with people within our own neighborhood.