Missions in Zimbabwe

Donivert and Josephine Khata

The Skillman congregation has maintained a long-standing relationship with the Khatas in Alaska, Zimbabwe.  They are part of a great many activities that involve their community as well as their work with the church.  For example—Donivert is a member of the Alaska Covid 19 Taskforce Team.  As of July 2021, the whole country is again on lockdown because of a spike in the number of people testing positive for the virus.  Activities such as the re-opening of schools and church meetings has been suspended and intercity travels have been banned. As part of the Taskforce Team, Donivert is joining efforts with health personnel to reduce the spread of the virus.

Josephine is also a talented teacher and uses these talents to educate both children and women.  She is an active lecturer for the New Life Behavior International ’s WOWW (Women of Worth Worldwide) and has recently seen four baptisms as results of her classes.

Prior to the shutdown, the Khatas fed breakfast to the children who come for Bible classes at the church building.  They plan to continue this project when the shutdown is lifted.  Skillman has supported this in the past.  We need to supply $1,200.00 to continue this important project for a year.

The water well at the church building serves the whole neighborhood with drinkable water.  Having a solar borehead pump for the well would solve many problems. This could be provided for $1500.

The building where the congregation meets is not connected to city electricity because to do that, special lines would have to be installed.  The estimate for this project is $1,430.

Food shortages and massive inflation rates affect everyone in Alaska. For several years the Khatas have operated a successful chicken business with start-up money from Skillman.  The eggs and chickens provide much needed affordable food.

Skillman members need to remember the Khatas in support, contact and above all—prayers.