Holy Monday

Holy Monday

Debbie Crabb has been sharing her wisdom and joy with many of the ladies at Skillman, and has graciously let us all in on her humor and on these beautiful thoughts about Holy Week. 

Many of you know,  but if you didn’t, my mom was blind the last 30 years of her life. At the time, this never seemed devastating to our family. It was because of the way she handled it.

One amazing thing she did was to memorize the phone numbers from the church directory. She did this by us repeating the numbers over and over to her. Each Sunday, a church friend would tell her who was not at worship.  She would call each and every person to check on them and see if THEY needed prayers.
This was her gift, her blessing, and her amazing ministry.

(This may have influenced why I’m checking on each of you.)

Today is Monday of Holy Week. Many churches celebrate it as Holy Monday. It is written as the day Jesus cursed the fig tree and cleansed the temple. It is so strange to read about Jesus cursing the unfruitful tree but we all know what that symbolism meant then and now. He wants us to be fruitful!!! Now I don’t know anything about growing figs, never really liked Newtons, and I can’t memorize the church directory, but I do feel an overwhelming sense to do something!!!

What can we do while this invisible enemy virus is going on?

Debbi Duckworth and Julie Hardgrave and the entire sewing club are making masks for friends and families.

Cheryl Calvin is encouraging her customers online and has always represented the faith well.

Jill Lydick is secretly delivering encouraging flowers to doorsteps.

All of you in Ladies Bible Class are so precious to send gift cards to Boles Home for Easter!

Carla, Susie Armstrong and Judy Teague are helping Meg Bordelon prepare for her upcoming move.

Cathy Carlson is offering help getting out to buy groceries. As well as Bimpe McMillan and Susan Minshall.

Martin and Marizahn Van Der Merwe are expecting another baby girl 4/16. I can imagine that with everything going on in the world right now, it may be helpful to have as many things on their baby wish list checked off as possible. Here is a link to their Amazon Baby Registry:


Dulcinea Lambert has been working tirelessly at church, even though we’re not there. Can you imagine how hard it is to keep those guys in line by herself! Haha haha!

Debbie Villarreal has been giving roses to young moms that are at home with a houseful!

There is a zoom group that calls together every Saturday for encouragement and prayer.

There is always something we can do! Someone to encourage!
I myself appreciate all the return emails I get from these silly updates. I really do love ping pong conversations!

And finally, here’s one thing that all of us can do. Make an offering to the church. You can even specify a benevolence offering in someone’s name. Here’s how to give safely!

Mail checks:
Skillman Church of Christ
3014 Skillman
Dallas, Texas 75206


Text to the number: 73256
Text message should read SCOC $dollar amount
Example text message:
SCOC $50
Then follow instructions.

If we are useful, we sleep better! Let’s bear fruit!