Holy Wednesday

Holy Wednesday

Debbie Crabb has been sharing her wisdom and joy with many of the ladies at Skillman, and has graciously let us all in on her humor and on these beautiful thoughts about Holy Week. 

We think three stories occurred on Holy Wednesday.

We can read the chronology as a likely, but not certain scenario of the last week of Jesus. Even if not exact, it is still a great blessing to consider the Lord’s last week and walk with him. (And it helps with keeping track of what day it is during quarantine!)

Traditionally this day was called “Spy Wednesday” because it was on this Wednesday before the crucifixion that Judas conspired to hand Jesus over.
“What are you willing to give me” he said. For this he was paid 30 pieces of silver (Mt. 26:14-16).

Actually, there were three interesting stories of people that were driven by entirely different motives that some Gospels say happened on this day.  (ICYMI: Each Gospel has slightly different stories)

        1.      Chief Priests, Elders, and High Priest, Caiaphas,  inspire to capture and kill Jesus- driven by desire for control above Jesus

        2.      Mary (or an unnamed woman, or a prostitute, or a sinful woman) poured perfume on his head (or his feet) – driven by devotion to Jesus

        3.      Judas who was the spy and turned over the location of Jesus – driven by money, fame, or the devil.

What a day! These stories would have been Breaking News tonight on CNN!

This day is also referred to as Silent Wednesday. I personally am silenced when I imagine hearing the 30 pieces of silver jingling in his pocket as Judas walked away. I am silenced when I think about how Jesus was betrayed by a friend….